Building (and Burning) Bridges

Portland, Oregon, has a TON of bridges that span the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, unsurprisingly earning Portland the official nickname of "Bridgetown." As the Willamette divides Portland down the middle, starting at the top, there's the St. Johns Bridge, Fremont Bridge, Broadway Bridge, Steel Bridge, Burnside Bridge, Morrison Bridge, Hawthorne Bridge, Marquam Bridge, Tilikum Crossing, … Continue reading Building (and Burning) Bridges


My Latest Screenplay: TAKEOFF

This past November I participated in NaNoWriMo, and I wrote the feature length action film, TAKEOFF. I never what will give birth to an idea for a screenplay. Historically speaking, it was something I was watching on television, reading, joking about, or talked with a friend about during an inebriated debate. I wrote UNIT C19 when I binged … Continue reading My Latest Screenplay: TAKEOFF

Hey Artist, Start a Newsletter!

I love creative people. There's something inherently fascinating to me about people that create art. Whether it's painting, music, film, writing, racing, manufacturing, or some other creative outlet, I get a ton of joy out of speaking with people about the motivations and ambitions behind their art. If given the chance, I'll give my "two cents" … Continue reading Hey Artist, Start a Newsletter!

Stacking The Deck

As someone who is doing his best to be constantly creating, I am always looking for avenues to share my work with people, and hopefully make a little cash at the same time. I host an entire podcast on this very idea, but I wanted to take a minute to rattle off a few of … Continue reading Stacking The Deck

Serial Killers, Black List Reviews, and Creeping Self-Doubt.

"All in all, there doesn't seem like a path for this project to reach the big screen." For the last few months, I have been working really hard on revising my horror screenplay, The Chessboard Killer. Based on the horrific true story of Alexander Pichushkin who, from 1994 to 2006, rose from an everyday grocery clerk … Continue reading Serial Killers, Black List Reviews, and Creeping Self-Doubt.

LOVE & KRYLON: The #SixWeekSpec Challenge

As you can tell, this is my first post in a long time. That's because I've been hard at work writing my latest screenplay, LOVE & KRYLON (click the link if you're a member of The Black List). I was one of the "Selected Ten" involved with the #SixWeekSpec challenge, put on by screenwriter Geoff LaTulippe … Continue reading LOVE & KRYLON: The #SixWeekSpec Challenge

Breakup Letters to my unmade scripts

Francis Ford Coppola said his "films are like ex-girlfriends, once they are finished, you never go back." The analogy stuck with me because the sentiment is an important one: learn when to stop working on something and move onto the next one. And when you do, don't look back. I heard John August mention the … Continue reading Breakup Letters to my unmade scripts