Building (and Burning) Bridges

Portland, Oregon, has a TON of bridges that span the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, unsurprisingly earning Portland the official nickname of "Bridgetown." As the Willamette divides Portland down the middle, starting at the top, there's the St. Johns Bridge, Fremont Bridge, Broadway Bridge, Steel Bridge, Burnside Bridge, Morrison Bridge, Hawthorne Bridge, Marquam Bridge, Tilikum Crossing, … Continue reading Building (and Burning) Bridges


Steamroller Printing with Magnetic North

This past weekend was the 2017 Portland Letterpress Printers Fair! Artists from all over Portland gathered at the Redd building in southeast Portland to share their craft, support the arts, and have a good time! One of the main draws to the event is the steamroller printing. Studios entered to create these massive linocut stencils, … Continue reading Steamroller Printing with Magnetic North

2017, We’re Off the Blocks!

There's an age old adage, "How you spend morning of January 1 is how you'll spend your whole year." Looking back over the festivities of the past couple of New Years, that might actually be true. Waking up with (or sleeping off) a painful hangover is never the best start off the blocks, but it's something … Continue reading 2017, We’re Off the Blocks!

Unlimited Bowling

A friend and I went bowling this past weekend at Grand Central Bowling in Portland. It's a dark, neon-lit bowling alley with a sports bar attached to it. There's a few arcade games on a balcony second floor, and the air hockey table has an impenetrable plastic shield in the middle. (It's the details that … Continue reading Unlimited Bowling

Bee Stings & Pollinator Scholarships

I'm allergic to bees... or at least, I used to be. The worst time I got stung was in sixth grade. We were scheduled to take a week long trip out to Catalina Island, off the Santa Barbara coast. We'd stay there for a week, learning about plants and wildlife on the island, and aquatic … Continue reading Bee Stings & Pollinator Scholarships

You Can’t Win Them All

The State of Oregon vs. [Mystery Tin] took place earlier this week, and let's just say it did not go so well. Background: I received a speeding ticket on January 5, 2016 on SE Hawthorne Blvd at 9:43 PM from a radar van. I was going 42 mph in a 25 zone. Yes, you read that … Continue reading You Can’t Win Them All

Saying “No” to Projects

As an eager entrepreneur, you'll be asked for your opinion/participation in a number of projects. Initially, it's a good idea to say "yes" because you have no idea what that project could lead to down the line. You never know which opportunities could open the door to another, better opportunity. You just don't know, so … Continue reading Saying “No” to Projects

Analyzing My Spending Habits

I conducted a little experiment this past week to examine my spending habits, attempting to find all the indulgences that I spend my money on in an effort to curb frivolous spending. Since I got paid on Friday, we'll start with the expenses incurred since leaving work on Friday afternoon. Friday $13.25 - Happy Hour … Continue reading Analyzing My Spending Habits

Who’s the Robber?

On Saturday night, I was mistaken for a robber. Let me paint the picture for you... It was a dark and stormy night (no really, it was). Baby Chips and I were about to sit down to embark on "The Godfather Epic," the seven hour retelling of The Godfather Parts I & II in chronological … Continue reading Who’s the Robber?

Turning 30 Years Old

"We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us." - Joseph Campbell Last week I turned 30 years old. This was a major milestone in my life, one I'd (honestly) been fearing for a while now. Growing up, I always thought … Continue reading Turning 30 Years Old