Photo Set: Northern Ireland

The trip to Northern Ireland was by far the most important part of my trip. I was going to meet a "new" friend, someone I'd written about extensively over the last five months, to interview him and speak with him about the project. This is what I love about writing!  Our adventure started at Waterloo … Continue reading Photo Set: Northern Ireland


Photo Set: London and Rochester, England

I'd had about as much romance as I could handle, so it was finally time to say goodbye to France and move onto the next destination. I hopped on the high-speed train from Paris to London, under the English Channel. It was a really cool experience, and apparently super efficient, which made me question why … Continue reading Photo Set: London and Rochester, England

Photo Set: Merilee Eaton Mosaics

I recently helped my mom photograph some of her beautiful, handmade mosaic art and set up an online storefront to help move some of the stuff that's been building up in her studio. I will tell you that these one of a kind artworks are worth every penny and I haven't seen anything like them in … Continue reading Photo Set: Merilee Eaton Mosaics