Kickstarter Postmortem: Redefine Success

This is a postmortem in hopes that others may learn from our successes and mistakes.


Happy Hour! Card Game Now on Kickstarter!

Happy Hour!, the first bartending card game, is now available on Kickstarter. It's the latest game I've been working on with my good friend, graphic artist Walker Cahall. We're really proud of it and we'd love it if you checked it out on Kickstarter, but first... Dinner's Ready, the first game I created on Kickstarter back in … Continue reading Happy Hour! Card Game Now on Kickstarter!

Hiring My First Freelancer

In preparation for my upcoming crowdsourcing campaign in February, I decided to get started early on the market research and lead generation I'll need to run a PR and marketing campaign. Happy Hour! is a competitive drinking card game, challenging players to collect ingredients to deliver drinks like a real bartender! Not only is Happy Hour! fun to play, … Continue reading Hiring My First Freelancer