Happy Hour! Card Game Now on Kickstarter!

Happy Hour!, the first bartending card game, is now available on Kickstarter. It's the latest game I've been working on with my good friend, graphic artist Walker Cahall. We're really proud of it and we'd love it if you checked it out on Kickstarter, but first... Dinner's Ready, the first game I created on Kickstarter back in … Continue reading Happy Hour! Card Game Now on Kickstarter!


2017, We’re Off the Blocks!

There's an age old adage, "How you spend morning of January 1 is how you'll spend your whole year." Looking back over the festivities of the past couple of New Years, that might actually be true. Waking up with (or sleeping off) a painful hangover is never the best start off the blocks, but it's something … Continue reading 2017, We’re Off the Blocks!

Dinner’s Ready! Update and Survey

Dinner's Ready! is now out in the world, available for purchase (here). Perhaps a little bit more jarring, Dinner's Ready! is out in the world for public scrutiny. It's necessary to stick your neck out in marketing, so I submitted Dinner's Ready! to a ton of card game and board game review websites and blogs. Only a … Continue reading Dinner’s Ready! Update and Survey

Dinner’s Ready! is now available on Kickstarter!

It was another late night last night and I'm hoping it's the last one for a while. We launched Dinner's Ready! yesterday afternoon to a "soft opening." I sent e-mails to my closest 132 friends and family, encouraging them to hurry over to the Kickstarter page to pick up one of the "Early Bird Specials" we're offering. I … Continue reading Dinner’s Ready! is now available on Kickstarter!

Some Dinner’s Ready! Updates

On the last episode of my podcast The Modern Artrepreneur, I discussed the history behind my new family card game, Dinner's Ready! The game didn't always start out as a family-focused, healthy eating, nutrition-driven card game, but in fact, it was quite the opposite. The game started out as War College, a new style "war" card game based on the … Continue reading Some Dinner’s Ready! Updates

Launching “The Modern Artrepreneur” Podcast

Here we go, listeners! Last night, just after midnight, I launched my own podcast, The Modern Artrepreneur. As "easy" as it has been to produce Ben's podcast, MAD Potential, it is completely different being on the other side of the microphone. As this was my first personal venture into podcasting, there was quite a bit on my … Continue reading Launching “The Modern Artrepreneur” Podcast

A Small Town Fourth

For the past few years, I'd spent my Fourth of July imbibing with my friends at the lake or the other lake or at a house on the beach. This year, I kept it local because a handful of my family and loved ones came to visit us in Ojai and partake in the patriotic festivities, … Continue reading A Small Town Fourth

More Archery!

You need more archery in your life. Seriously. It's awesome. Yesterday, Baby Chips and I grabbed her Little Banchee Junior Compound Bow and a handful of arrows to set out for the archery range. I didn't know what to expect because neither of us had been to a public archery range before it was time she took that bow for … Continue reading More Archery!

Zodiac Sign or the Myers-Briggs?

I recently took a shortened form of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to learn what kind of personality type I am. I have always been skeptical about stuff like this, but it was part of my job, so I did my best to embrace it as a learning experience. I learned that I am an "ENFJ," meaning … Continue reading Zodiac Sign or the Myers-Briggs?