Chase Bank, United Airlines: “Go Elsewhere.”

Seemingly arbitrary rules, regulations, and fees often make for a "less than desirable" customer experiences, but the major needs in our lives are brokered by a handful of conglomerates, and they could care less.


The Wisdom of Shark Tank

I've seen literally every single episode of ABC's award-winning reality television show, Shark Tank. Here's just the tip of the information iceberg. I used to wake up to watch an episode or two of Shark Tank before work (they're only 42 minutes without commercials) and I'd watch a few episodes at night before I went to bed. … Continue reading The Wisdom of Shark Tank

Starting A Monthly Newsletter

I took the leap yesterday and started a monthly newsletter called Mystery Tin Monthly. The experience was enlightening, and humbling, to say the least. I finally decided to put my money where my mouth is, so I started my own Mystery Tin newsletter. I previously wrote a post about what starting a newsletter can do for an artist, but … Continue reading Starting A Monthly Newsletter

How to Run a Successful Crowdsourcing Campaign

If you want to be successful in crowdfunding, you're going to need to put in the work before, during, and after the campaign. This post contains knowledge I learned firsthand from running my own campaigns, contributing to the successful campaigns of others, and information I've learned from my entrepreneurship classes on crowdfunding. Crowdfunding not only gives … Continue reading How to Run a Successful Crowdsourcing Campaign

Unlimited Bowling

A friend and I went bowling this past weekend at Grand Central Bowling in Portland. It's a dark, neon-lit bowling alley with a sports bar attached to it. There's a few arcade games on a balcony second floor, and the air hockey table has an impenetrable plastic shield in the middle. (It's the details that … Continue reading Unlimited Bowling

Crowdsourcing: Popularity Contest or Fist Fight?

I have been "in charge" of three crowdsourcing campaigns: a $15,000 IndieGoGo campaign for a documentary film (I had a TON of help), a $1,500 solo-campaign for directing my own short film, and most recently, a $4,000 Kickstarter campaign for my Dinner's Ready! cooking card game (with two partners). All three were successful; the narrowest by only … Continue reading Crowdsourcing: Popularity Contest or Fist Fight?

The Modern Artrepreneur, Episode 3

The following is the written transcript for my narrative on The Modern Artrepreneur - Episode 3: A Podcasting Record Label.  Click the link above to go to the Network page or click here for iTunes. -- Music has always been a major part of my life. I feel like nobody ever stood still, they were always … Continue reading The Modern Artrepreneur, Episode 3

End of one Podcast, Beginning of Another

We just finished up the first season of the MAD Potential Podcast (with Ben Mehl). It was our first run at the whole podcasting thing, and although I can't speak for Ben (but I'm sure he'd agree with me) I learned a ton. In the last episode, he gave out some advice on starting your … Continue reading End of one Podcast, Beginning of Another

Launching “The Modern Artrepreneur” Podcast

Here we go, listeners! Last night, just after midnight, I launched my own podcast, The Modern Artrepreneur. As "easy" as it has been to produce Ben's podcast, MAD Potential, it is completely different being on the other side of the microphone. As this was my first personal venture into podcasting, there was quite a bit on my … Continue reading Launching “The Modern Artrepreneur” Podcast