Photo Set: Northern Ireland

The trip to Northern Ireland was by far the most important part of my trip. I was going to meet a "new" friend, someone I'd written about extensively over the last five months, to interview him and speak with him about the project. This is what I love about writing!  Our adventure started at Waterloo … Continue reading Photo Set: Northern Ireland


Photo Set: London and Rochester, England

I'd had about as much romance as I could handle, so it was finally time to say goodbye to France and move onto the next destination. I hopped on the high-speed train from Paris to London, under the English Channel. It was a really cool experience, and apparently super efficient, which made me question why … Continue reading Photo Set: London and Rochester, England

Photo Set: Dinan and Paris

We left Saint-Malo and headed toward Paris, not without making a pitstop in Dinan, a beautiful old village along the way. Gorgeous old architecture, and beautiful views!We arrived in Paris at the perfect time, rush hour... which also happened to be happy hour! I booked a bed in the Generator Hostel, located not too far … Continue reading Photo Set: Dinan and Paris

Photo Set: Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is an island commune located approximately a kilometer off the Normandy coast of France, and it looks like a goddamn fairy tale. (It is, nearly, a fairy tale, as the city was the inspiration for the Disney film Tangled.)Part monastery, part fort, part village, Mont Saint-Michel is designed to mirror the feudal system, with … Continue reading Photo Set: Mont Saint-Michel

Photo Set: Saint-Malo, The Walled City

Saint-Malo, located in Brittany, Northwestern France, is a walled port city on the English Channel. A friend of mine read All The Light We Cannot See, which takes place in St. Malo, and convinced us to spend a few days there intra muros... inside the walls. Saint-Malo, a port town, was historically notorious as the home … Continue reading Photo Set: Saint-Malo, The Walled City

Go Camping in the Rain

There's nothing quite like camping the rain... It was raining before we even left Portland. We'd been planning this camping trip for a while now, having been postponed a handful of times this summer. Time was running out to go camping. A little rain wasn't going to stop us from getting our "nature time." We pulled … Continue reading Go Camping in the Rain

Bee Stings & Pollinator Scholarships

I'm allergic to bees... or at least, I used to be. The worst time I got stung was in sixth grade. We were scheduled to take a week long trip out to Catalina Island, off the Santa Barbara coast. We'd stay there for a week, learning about plants and wildlife on the island, and aquatic … Continue reading Bee Stings & Pollinator Scholarships

The Person I’m Pretending To Be

"You are what you pretend to be." - Kurt Vonnegut At this point in my life, I'm doing a serious amount of introspection. At 30 years old, I feel like I'm caught in the first of my life's major crossroads; there's the person I currently am at 30 years old, the person I thought I … Continue reading The Person I’m Pretending To Be

Photo Set: Tahoe National Forest

I recently spent a week in the Tahoe National Forest. First with my family in North Lake Tahoe, and then two days with my friend in Echo Lake. The effects of the California drought were staggering. The Truckee River was lower than I've ever seen it. The mountains were more gray then green, beautiful in … Continue reading Photo Set: Tahoe National Forest