Kickstarter Postmortem: Redefine Success

This is a postmortem in hopes that others may learn from our successes and mistakes.


Happy Hour! Card Game Now on Kickstarter!

Happy Hour!, the first bartending card game, is now available on Kickstarter. It's the latest game I've been working on with my good friend, graphic artist Walker Cahall. We're really proud of it and we'd love it if you checked it out on Kickstarter, but first... Dinner's Ready, the first game I created on Kickstarter back in … Continue reading Happy Hour! Card Game Now on Kickstarter!

Hiring My First Freelancer

In preparation for my upcoming crowdsourcing campaign in February, I decided to get started early on the market research and lead generation I'll need to run a PR and marketing campaign. Happy Hour! is a competitive drinking card game, challenging players to collect ingredients to deliver drinks like a real bartender! Not only is Happy Hour! fun to play, … Continue reading Hiring My First Freelancer

How to Run a Successful Crowdsourcing Campaign

If you want to be successful in crowdfunding, you're going to need to put in the work before, during, and after the campaign. This post contains knowledge I learned firsthand from running my own campaigns, contributing to the successful campaigns of others, and information I've learned from my entrepreneurship classes on crowdfunding. Crowdfunding not only gives … Continue reading How to Run a Successful Crowdsourcing Campaign

Unlimited Bowling

A friend and I went bowling this past weekend at Grand Central Bowling in Portland. It's a dark, neon-lit bowling alley with a sports bar attached to it. There's a few arcade games on a balcony second floor, and the air hockey table has an impenetrable plastic shield in the middle. (It's the details that … Continue reading Unlimited Bowling

Dinner’s Ready! Update and Survey

Dinner's Ready! is now out in the world, available for purchase (here). Perhaps a little bit more jarring, Dinner's Ready! is out in the world for public scrutiny. It's necessary to stick your neck out in marketing, so I submitted Dinner's Ready! to a ton of card game and board game review websites and blogs. Only a … Continue reading Dinner’s Ready! Update and Survey

Learning from the Lumps

I've had a few "door-to-door" sales jobs in my life, and the truth is, I didn't like them at all. I believed in what I was selling (sometimes) but for some reason, the unsolicited business proposition always felt a touch pushy. Yucky. My first door-to-door sales job was the summer between Junior and Senior year … Continue reading Learning from the Lumps

Crowdsourcing: Popularity Contest or Fist Fight?

I have been "in charge" of three crowdsourcing campaigns: a $15,000 IndieGoGo campaign for a documentary film (I had a TON of help), a $1,500 solo-campaign for directing my own short film, and most recently, a $4,000 Kickstarter campaign for my Dinner's Ready! cooking card game (with two partners). All three were successful; the narrowest by only … Continue reading Crowdsourcing: Popularity Contest or Fist Fight?

Dinner’s Ready! is now available on Kickstarter!

It was another late night last night and I'm hoping it's the last one for a while. We launched Dinner's Ready! yesterday afternoon to a "soft opening." I sent e-mails to my closest 132 friends and family, encouraging them to hurry over to the Kickstarter page to pick up one of the "Early Bird Specials" we're offering. I … Continue reading Dinner’s Ready! is now available on Kickstarter!

Some Dinner’s Ready! Updates

On the last episode of my podcast The Modern Artrepreneur, I discussed the history behind my new family card game, Dinner's Ready! The game didn't always start out as a family-focused, healthy eating, nutrition-driven card game, but in fact, it was quite the opposite. The game started out as War College, a new style "war" card game based on the … Continue reading Some Dinner’s Ready! Updates