Chubby Bunny Six

Chubby Bunny One.

You remember the game “Chubby Bunny,” where you put an increasing number of marshmallows in your mouth and try to say the words, “Chubby Bunny” followed by the current number of marshmallows in your mouth?

Chubby Bunny Two.

The game is funny because, quite naturally, the more marshmallows you put in your mouth, the harder is it for you to talk. The winner is the one who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth while still retaining the ability to pronounce the quantity of their growing bounty. These are important life lessons, folks!

Chubby Bunny Three.

Most adults haven’t played the game in years, yet frequently implement this kind of approach to their work. If you feel you’re capable, under-challenged, or say, have a big mouth, you’re going to voluntarily take on more at your job. More responsibilities. More tasks. More projects.

Chubby Bunny Four.

The problem is, aside from the obvious choking hazard, that’s not how you’re supposed to eat marshmallows! You’re forcing it. You think to yourself, “I used to like marshmallows. Why did I play this stupid game?” As you compress marshmallows, you push all the air out of them, thus making them denser (and harder) in your mouth. It’s not exactly “biting off more than you can chew,” but it’s pretty damn close.

Chubby Bunny Five.

If we’re playing Chubby Bunny with our professional responsibilities, the most likely outcome is bottle-neck and a decrease in the value of our output. There’s nothing wrong with taking on extra responsibilities, but the hidden gem in Chubby Bunny is that it imposes a little self-awareness. At one point you think, “Holy shit there’s a lot of marshmallows in my mouth right. I’m in over my head.” When you have that thought, chances are your game is about to end.

Chubby Bunny Six.

So what happens to the winner of Chubby Bunny? It doesn’t matter, but there is one thing I know for sure: I’d bet my bottom dollar the winner doesn’t eat all the marshmallows that were just crammed into every corner of their mouth. Nope, fuck that. They spit them out and go eat something else!

There’s nothing wrong with having a couple extra marshmallows every now and then, just don’t be a Chubby Bunny about it.

[Bonus: I once played Chubby Bunny with a “group of guys”,  but instead of marshmallows we used salted peanuts. It was brutal, your mouth dries out, and yes, someone choked. It’s a great metaphor, but not a great game.]


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