Your Personal Mantra for 2018

For many, myself included, 2017 was a year that could not possibly be forgotten quick enough. So rather than look back on the carnage searching for silver linings, I felt it was more important to go forward. One way to do this is to solidify my “Personal Mantra for 2018.”

The New Year’s Resolution is different from the Personal Mantra. The Resolution is focused on the end result, the Mantra is focused on what guides you there. If your Resolution is the car, the Mantra is your gasoline. It pumps you up to get shit done! Some recent mantras of mine that come to mind are “Two-thousand-MINE” (2009) and “Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable” (2016).

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, has discussed his use of daily affirmations (like mantras) to help him achieve major life goals. I’m also pretty sure a majority of Tony Robbins’ shtick includes finding your personal mantra, but I wouldn’t know.

This year I’m skipping the wordplay, so my personal mantra will simply be naming the categories of my life I’d like to make major progress in this year: Heart, Art, Body, and Brand. (Okay, there’s a little bit of wordplay in there, sue me.) I am going to make sure that I do at least one thing every day that furthers my progress in each one of those categories, a nod from something taught to me by David Mamet.

It serves as a quick checklist to run down when I’m considering taking on a new project, etc. “Is this good for my Heart, Art, Body or Brand?” If I get no‘s across the board, I need to stay in my lane and decline, otherwise I’ll get stretched too thin and burnt out (again).

What is your Personal Mantra for 2018?


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