Best Notebooks for Daily Notes

As someone who fancies himself a bit of a writer, inspiration can strike at anytime, anywhere, in any form. I was tired of having struggling with my phone to jot down my thoughts (it’s a little awkward), so this year I’m doing my best to take physical notes… on everything.

IMG_7825.JPGThanks to a little insight from Santa Claus, I was lucky enough to receive one of these sweet Moleskine 2017 Daily Planner Box Sets. They’re perfect for keeping in your back pocket to jot down your daily notes and appointments, but you don’t have to carry around an entire year’s worth of paper in your pocket to do so (like this video I did in 2013). Just one month at a time! For years I’ve been searching for the perfect notebook, and this box set is already quickly becoming my favorite so far.

I know that I can keep my notes in my iPhone, but putting ink to paper gives more of a permanency to my thoughts and notes. For instance, if I did write down something in my phone, where does it ultimately end up? Do I need to create a document for each thought I have? Or a new note for each category of thoughts? There’s almost more work involved in efficiently organizing your digital notes than just writing them down, in your notebook, on today’s date. Simple. It’s clean. It’s efficient. It doesn’t disappear into the metadata of your computer’s hard drive full of files, instead it’s right there in your pocket, ink on paper. When I’m ready to harvest my golden thoughts and experiences, I’ll go back through the notebooks!

IMG_7826.JPGThese notebooks carry with them all the quintessential Moleskine hallmarks. The first pages of each notebook are filled with 2017 monthly calendars, international holidays, time zones, travel agendas, flight times (yeah, really), time zones and measurements… and then it gets to the daily pages. I don’t need a lot of space to remember meetings, funny quips of dialogue, ideas, retrospections and gratitude. I just need a few lines and a pen.

Hypergraphia is a behavioral condition characterized by the intense desire to write (yes, that’s straight from Wikipedia). I’ve thought about this a lot, and while I don’t necessarily think I have hypergraphia to a point of debilitation, I do think there’s a strong physical desire in me to write and create everyday. (I have dozens of notes in my phone and even more notebooks, filled with notes, in boxes in my room.) The downside is, with the constant traffic of ideas flowing through my head all the time, I tend to miss or forget a lot of the tiny gems I would have loved to incorporate into my writing. This year, I’m committed to my hypergraphia, keeping notes and recording my gratitude as I go, and having these notebooks in my pocket is a great start.

IMG_7827.JPGAlong the way, I’ve picked up some amazing tips and tricks for efficient note taking, which could (and should) be it’s own blog post. Needless to say, these beautiful notebooks are filled with acronyms, highlights, diagrams, sketches, stickers, phone numbers, and thousands of quick scribbles which may only make sense to me when I’m squinting through drunken eyes, but that’s all that really matters, right?

At the end of the year, when I’ve worked my way through all twelve notebooks, having recorded and recollected on every single day of the year, these notebooks will contain an amazing snippet of my life in technicolor on my desktop, and I’ll be able to glean all the fun, entertaining, and otherwise trivial thoughts into something worth reading.

Since it’s only January 5, it’s not too late for you to pick up a set of these Moleskine Notebooks and get to writing!

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