2017, We’re Off the Blocks!

There’s an age old adage, “How you spend morning of January 1 is how you’ll spend your whole year.” Looking back over the festivities of the past couple of New Years, that might actually be true. Waking up with (or sleeping off) a painful hangover is never the best start off the blocks, but it’s something I insist on doing, year after year. Recent years had been filled with bar crawls, music festivals, and lavish hotel galas, would this year be different?

Since I’m balling on a budget, one idea was to have a house party at the place I’m currently subleasing. That wasn’t an entirely bad idea, but it was going to be a little work. Beer pong. Plastic cups. Chips. BYOB. A little hangout with some of my new friends in Portland, Oregon. That wouldn’t be so bad, right?

Another idea I had was, “Maybe I’ll just sit this one out this year.” I hadn’t had a quiet New Years in a long time… if ever. What if I did something like my 70 year old parents, and just drank champagne until the ball drops in the “Big Apple” at 9 PM then call it a year. I mean, it’s only really a special day if you make it one, right?

Scott Pemberton

The day before, my soon-to-be-roommates got a bunch of tickets to the Scott Pemberton Band show at Goodfoot Pub. I had never heard of them before, but they’re totally awesome. They’re a local Portland jam band with heavy guitar and steel drum. I was instantly hooked and danced my pants off. If you’ve got 8 minutes, watch this performance.

Around 1 AM we called it a night, but instead of going home to my empty attic space, I went to my new house and hung out with my new roommates. I slept in my new bed. I didn’t set an alarm on my phone. I didn’t have plans or need to rush out in the morning. When I woke up (around 10 AM) I was calm, stress free, and in a place that I couldn’t be happier in. A place that would help me accomplish my goals this year. I woke up on January 1, 2017 happy and inspired… okay, I had a little headache, too. Whatever. It was New Years!

As humans (because no other species on Earth celebrates New Years), we attach a lot of metaphysical importance to the changing of the years. It’s as if we’re hitting a “reset button,” but we get to start over again with all the knowledge and experience we’ve collected over time. While I know plenty of people that are “above resolutions,” I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with finding an excuse to re-evaluate and analyze your life and goals with an intent to stick through it. If it only gets done once a year, so be it.

How are you starting off this first chilly morning of 2017? Are you already hard at work on accomplishing your New Year’s Resolutions? Shoot me a message and we’ll make it happen together!

Happy New Year!
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