What Am I Selling?

No matter what your blog’s area of focus is, everything from creative fiction writing to business blogs, before you can sit down to write a good blog post, you need to nail down exactly what it is you’re selling. It could be a product. It could be a service. It could be your perspective. Whatever that thing is that you’re selling, that’s the starting point to creating.

So what am I selling? Depending on the venue, I’m selling something different. During the day, I’m selling Tung oil and beehives. For Mystery Tin Games, I’m selling Dinner’s Ready! But here, on the Mystery Tin blog, it may be a little bit unclear what it is I’m selling.

I’d like to think that I am a creator, and the product of my creativity is what I’m selling. Even as I’m writing it down, it feels too vague of a mission to gain traction and readership (at this point in my life). Are the products of my creative efforts in photography, art, podcasting, screenwriting and blogging solving real world problems? Dinner’s Ready! does. Tung oil does. But what about my blog? What problems am I fixing in the written musings on the Mystery Tin blog? Why have you read this far?

I think you’re here for entertainment. I think you’re here for inspiration. I think you’re here to laugh and most importantly, I hope you’re here on the off chance you might even learn a little bit. And I think you’ve read this far because you may feel the same way about some of your own endeavors. 

Okay. Let’s see, that sounds easy enough. My target audience is comprised of people seeking out a good story with a take-away moral cleverly tucked in between the laughs. That doesn’t sound like an easy egg to crack.

Perhaps my goal is to contribute to a growing community of creative storytellers across many intellectual genres; art, technology, politics, writing, science, comedy, all beautifully sharing with one another the delicacies of their crafts and supporting the successes of one another. A journey of creative discovery, taking place on the digital pages of the Mystery Tin blog. Learning! Now we’re getting somewhere.

So why would you come back to this blog rather than any others in the community? What could I possibly teach you that you couldn’t find better somewhere else? The easiest answer is that it starts with good, interesting content from my perspective on my own circumstances. My writing needs to be decisive and actionable. Recalling casual hikes and posting pictures of my lunch isn’t going to build a community. Empowering other artists through the life lessons gleaned from my personal experiences should be underlying theme of the best posts on my blog.

The other essential key to a successful blog is consistency. I set my watch according to the releases of my favorite blogs, television shows, and podcasts. Why can’t the Mystery Tin blog be that beacon on someone else’s list of important weekly events? Honestly, there’s no reason it can’t be.

Entertaining stories with a takeaway lesson… I can sell that.

What are you selling?


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