Stacking The Deck

As someone who is doing his best to be constantly creating, I am always looking for avenues to share my work with people, and hopefully make a little cash at the same time. I host an entire podcast on this very idea, but I wanted to take a minute to rattle off a few of the easiest ones you can get started off with. You know, if you were into this kinda thing.


For The Mystery Tin Podcast Network, we have a website with an RSS feed that delivers our entire content. The individual podcasts are broken out into their own feeds listed in the iTunes Podcast Marketplace. If you’re doing any kind of podcast, you need to be on iTunes. With millions of people listening to podcasts now, that’s the #1 place they go to subscribe. The “Top Podcasts” and “New & Noteworthy” sections of the iTunes podcast marketplace is where advertisers find their shows. You need to do everything you can to get in there.

Outside of advertisers, iTunes makes a strong point how the podcasts will always be free. One possibility of making money from your podcast is to post it on Youtube also. It is true that most people listen to podcasts from their mobile device, but don’t count out the amount of listeners that will find you on YouTube. If your listenership is active and vocal on your YouTube videos, Google will ask to advertise on your podcast and start cutting you checks. (Before you jump to conclusions, the payout is less than $2 for every 1,000 views)


There’s obviously a few simple venues here. You can blog, preferably daily, to earn money through advertisements. You can start a newsletter and raise a few dollars by finding sponsors. Or if you’re a long form author, you can take the direct route and self-publish through Amazon’s Kindle or one of the print-it-yourself sites.

I’m planning on self-publishing the book I’m working on currently. The part I’m looking forward to is having it available in my own online store, but with a special caveat: each book purchased will come with personalized, handwritten dedication page inside the book’s .pdf. It’s immensely personal yet remains entirely digital. Your readers will be gladly toss in a few extra bucks for that.


If you’re a good photographer, don’t be afraid to let people know about your work. If you’ve taken a photograph that features a product, person, place, or something else with an Instagram account, tag them in your picture! It’s not selling out, it’s showing up. Especially when they notice your post and like it!

The more you share your work with others, the attention you’ll receive, and that’s what sponsors are looking for. Brands are looking for their biggest supporters to turn into even bigger supporters. If there’s a company you love out there, take pictures and tag the company. You’re living in the worst case scenario, a zero sum game. Best case scenario? They reach out to you for content. Now you’re cooking with gas.


If you’ve got a few irons in the fire, you’re gonna need to alternative giving each of them their proper amount of attention and promotion. The attention is the hard part, the promotion is the easy part.

Give yourself some time to sit down and schedule out your social media activity all at once. Promotional tweets and Facebook posts, blog posts, etc. can all be scheduled in advance, with your real time live-tweeting happening around them. Changing up the copy will help keep your readers from getting “brand fatigue” but if you can schedule out a week of automated sales messages, you can focus on the attention part of your art.

What other tips, tricks, websites, life-hacks, or magic tricks have you discovered in your delivering own creative endeavors? Share them below!



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