Friends Doing Awesome Things: Zack Dupont, The Dupont Brothers


I’ve met a lot of musicians in my life, but none quite like Zack Dupont. We met back in college and I was instantly drawn to his openness and honesty. Not just in his word, but more importantly, in his art. (I mean, look at that hair!) He was never trying to be something he wasn’t. His music is refreshingly honest, fun, and often plucks at the heartstrings, eliciting a smile in solidarity.

Zack and his brother, Sam, are together known as The Dupont Brothers. They’re making great indie music, the kind you listen to on a beautiful summer day with a cheap, half-empty beer in your hand while sitting on a blanket in the grass next to your sweetheart. It’s the music that puts a smile on your face. It’s the kind of music that makes this world a better place. Here’s their Soundcloud page.

The Dupont Brothers currently have a Kickstarter campaign for their new album, “A Riddle For You.” I love what I’ve heard so far and (when I get paid this weekend) I’ll be a backer. I think you should, too, but why not click around and hear some their music.

One of my favorites as of lately is “Empty Cases.” Watch a live performance of it on their Youtube page here.



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