Top 5 Podcasts on the MTPN



I run a small podcast network, producing shows for my talented friends. We’re in the process of bringing on more shows, but I wanted to share this list of episodes with the readers so they can get a hold on what the Mystery Tin Podcast Network is all about.

Check out all the Mystery Tin Podcast Network podcasts here.

If you’re new to The Mystery Tin Podcast Network, or just new to podcasts in general, we’ve put together a list of the top five MTPN podcast episodes you should check out. Interviews, documentary-style storytelling, and a mix to shake your booty to, we’re sure you’ll find something to tickle your fancy in this list.

  • MAD Potential (with Ben Mehl)
    Episode 212: Matthew Rachamkin
    In this episode of MAD Potential, Ben Mehl sits down with long time friend, mentor, and business partner, Matthew Rachamkin. They discuss how THINKING is the most critical tool for success, the importance of self-acceptance, and how to have a presence.
    Producer’s Note: It was conversations with Ben and Matt that eventually prompted us to start MAD Potential and the Mystery Tin Podcast Network. Whenever I need some inspiration, guidance, or a good laugh, I call up one of these two guys. This interview is a great example of finding motivation, accountability, and desire in your everyday life.
  • The Modern Artrepreneur
    Episode 01: The Modern Artrepreneur
    The Modern Artrepreneur is an experiment in documentary storytelling through an amalgam of personal narratives and recorded interviews. Typically clocking in around half an hour, episodes are an honest portrayal of Christopher Eaton’s (sometimes flawed) approach to creative projects, entrepreneurship and problem solving.
    Producer’s Note: This was my first foray into recording my own podcasts, so the tone is more than cut-and-dry, but the story is expansive, the interviews are fun, and you get a solid grip on the content of The Modern Artrepreneur and your sometimes-hesitant host.
  • Burgundy Jones presents “Depth”
    Episode 002: Burgundy Jones and Pilot
    Depth Radio
     episode #002 features LA based producer/DJ PILOTbringing you on a hour journey of deep, progressive & more featuring original Pilot tracks & new unreleased originals!
    Producer’s Note: Ever since we started the MTPN, I wanted to produce a music podcast. It look a little while to get all the gears in place, but now we’re boogying down on the first Friday of every month. Download and enjoy!
  • MAD Potential (with Ben Mehl)
    Episode 106: Tyler Duckworth
    In this episode of MAD PotentialBen sits down with Tyler Duckworth, artist and MTV’s Real World alum, to discuss the importance of gratitude, motivation in training for the olympics, being present in the moment, and remembering to stay in your motherf**kin’ lane!
    Producer’s Note: Tyler is a total character and this interview was chalked full of valuable tips, fun anecdotes, and thoughtful insight into living the life you want.  
  • The Modern Artrepreneur
    Episode 02: Let’s Make a Card Game!
    This episode of The Modern Artrepreneur is the origin story of the Dinner’s Ready! card game.
    Producer’s Note: The biggest “project” to come out of The Modern Artrepreneur is Dinner’s Ready!, the family card game promoting healthy eating. This podcast documents the creative adventure that eventually led me to the game.

If you like what you hear (and we think you will), you should head over to the iTunes marketplace and subscribe to all of our podcasts! And don’t forget to leave reviews!

Happy listening!


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