Finding a Routine

I have a TON going on.

In addition to my blossoming role at Bee Thinking, I also have a laundry list of roles, responsibilities, interests, and hobbies that take up a majority of my time. It’s not easy to give everything the proper attention it deserves, and truth be told, many of my “projects” are not getting enough attention. So I’ve got two options: work harder or work smarter.

I’m building a brand. Mystery Tin (duh, right?). Under this brand, we’ve started Mystery Tin Films, the Mystery Tin Podcast Network, and Mystery Tin Games. To compete in the modern world, both of these companies need to have (somewhat) separate social media presence. And more important, they need to be active. That means that each company needs their own Twitter and Facebook pages, and they need to be posting 3-5 times a week. Is that happening currently? Sadly, no.

Most of my attention is going to Mystery Tin Games, marketing Dinner’s Ready! and developing the next family of games. The most arduous parts (design, printing, etc.) are behind us, but now I am facing the daunting task of going retail-storefront-to-retail-storefront peddling the game while trying to improve purchase numbers on our digital storefront.

In order to attempt a balance, I’ve worked up the following daily routine.
(This month will be a challenge in adhering to it, but we’ll see!)
6:00 AM Get up, make an espresso, feed the cat, sit down to write.
8:00 AM Breakfast with Baby Chips, shower, get ready for work.
10:00-6:00 PM Saving Bees!
6:15-9:30 PM 3 Daily Tasks.
11:30 PM Bed.
Each day of the week is (ideally) given a specific focus: Mondays and Wednesdays are spent working on the podcast network, Tuesdays and Thursdays are “game days,” Fridays and Saturdays are for fun and writing, and Sundays are my “day off” but I’m usually editing podcasts before bed.

I’ve also recently started some online education classes, so the curriculum slides itself into my schedule more frequently as deadlines approach, but for the most part, I’m up early working. And this routine works for me. I wasn’t always a morning person, but being passionate about the work you have to do is the best motivator to getting out of bed.  (Give yourself the opportunity to be a morning person by laying out your goals the night before. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get up! Also, if you want to motivate me to get up and get my work done, tweet me at @themysterytin!)

Ultimately, love and happiness are the most important things in this life, so when Baby Chips is home from work, I’m doing my best to put work away to focus on her. I’ll admit I’m not always the best at it but I’m trying! Stopping work is also a good way for me to let my creative juices simmer a little. I sometimes find myself worrying and correcting myself, “You’re not slacking off, you’re just not working right now, and that’s okay.” That’s just life.

As I continue to streamline my many passion projects, and bringing other people onboard to help me with them, more time will open up for me. And if I’m really really smart about it, I won’t fill that time with another project, instead I’ll fill that time for something that truly matters; an adventure with Baby Chips.


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