Dinner’s Ready! is now available on Kickstarter!


It was another late night last night and I’m hoping it’s the last one for a while. We launched Dinner’s Ready! yesterday afternoon to a “soft opening.” I sent e-mails to my closest 132 friends and family, encouraging them to hurry over to the Kickstarter page to pick up one of the “Early Bird Specials” we’re offering. I also e-mailed the newsletter recipients and started making lists of publications to reach out to. Oh yeah, and queueing up a bunch of tweets.

Truth be told, I ran into devastating computer problems recently which brought a majority of my “art” to a grinding halt. Luckily, Eric Parker has been at the helm of the artwork for the Dinner’s Ready! project, but I haven’t been able to continue The Modern Artrepreneur Podcast for the last two weeks. I first discussed Dinner’s Ready! back on Episode 2, and I’m not ashamed to say that I have been thinking of very little else. This game has consumed my life.

But in the end, or rather, as of now, we believe Dinner’s Ready! is a fantastic, unique game that will bring cooking to life in a new, fun way! We’ve doing play tests of the game and receiving feedback (both positive and negative) and we’re nowhere near finished. We know how the game works, we just need to properly describe it. That’s just one of the many tasks on my plate over the course of the crowdsourcing campaign.

So here’s an overview of what we’re offering on Kickstarter!

Dinner’s Ready! challenges players to collect three recipe cards: an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. Each recipe card calls for three ingredients, one from each of the FDA’s five food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, and dairy. Once players have a “balanced meal,” they move on to collect the necessary ingredient cards to make those recipes. The first person to collect all the ingredients to prepare their healthy dinner wins, exclaiming “dinner’s ready!”

Dinner’s Ready! is ideal for families looking for a new venue to educate their children about whole foods, the food groups, the dexterity of ingredients, and the order in which meals are prepared. The Basic Dinner’s Ready! game ($20) comes with 30 healthy recipes, fifty ingredient cards, “rotten ingredients,” and informational cards. Our ultimate goal is for children to gain a new perspective on cooking and ask to eat one of the delicious meals from the game.

The game is also fun for an “adults only” crowd! Our Four Course Expansion Deck features exclusive recipes from Chefs Hodgson and Miller, as well as a set of “Drink Pairing” cards with an optional “Drinking Suggestions” card if you want to boost the stakes. You’re never too old to learn some delicious new recipes while sharing a drink with friends.

Our top expansion pack, The Family Recipe Deck, is a set of blank recipe and ingredient cards, for you to keep track of your own family recipes and incorporate them into the Dinner’s Ready! game.

I’ll spare you all the details of development (that’s more for the podcast) but I can tell you that we’re extremely excited about the project and its potential to change eating habits and food preferences, particularly with children. Plain and simple, no matter who you are, we think you’ll love Dinner’s Ready! 

You can check out the Kickstarter here.

Thank you!

Chris (and Eric)


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