Some Dinner’s Ready! Updates

On the last episode of my podcast The Modern ArtrepreneurI discussed the history behind my new family card game, Dinner’s Ready! The game didn’t always start out as a family-focused, healthy eating, nutrition-driven card game, but in fact, it was quite the opposite. The game started out as War College, a new style “war” card game based on the United States Military. I still think that game would be fun to play, but for now, Dinner’s Ready! really fits the bill and people are getting behind our mission to promote healthy eating, starting at home.

As Baby Chips can testify, the card game is nearly all I talk about these days. It fills my every thought. Would this be a good recipe for the game? Do you think this place would be a good venue to do a play test? Do you think that chef would be interested in sponsoring or promoting the game? And perhaps my favorite phase du jour is, “…after the game comes out.” I’m constantly checking for new additions to the newsletter and new e-mails from interested parties. I’m sure Eric Parker (aka “Nanook”) feels the same way.

The excitement is really building and it has taken immense feats of strength and patience to not share every single little thing that has been happening along the way. I’d love to splurge the details of the Food Network Chefs that are interested in supporting the game, or the beautiful artwork that Nanook and I have been developing, or even the awesome guerrilla marketing campaign we’ll be launching in a few days, but I won’t (sorry!) I just don’t want to dish all the good stuff, build all this hype, then not have the wave continue of enthusiasm die out when the crowdsourcing campaign is up and running. We’re hoping for an October 1 launch date, but between here and there we will be leaking out little bits of information to continue whetting your appetite for Dinner’s Ready! (see what I did there?)

So… what’s the latest update with the Dinner’s Ready! game? We’ve nearly finished designing the basic deck and we’re going to be ordering some test decks (all the way from China!) by the end of this week! This will be exciting (and scary) because it’ll be the first time that we’ll actually get to hold the game in our hands and see the product of all our hard work! We’ll be using these decks to make small corrections (alignment, color corrections, image selection, etc.) but we’ll also be using these decks to host a couple of “play tests,” most likely in San Francisco and Portland. If you’re interested in participating in one of these play tests, please e-mail us at and we’ll put you on the list! You can also follow the Dinner’s Ready! page on Facebook.

I’m filled with immense pride when I think about everything we’ve accomplished so far and the immense, uphill road ahead of us in turning our game into a reality, one that can change how families talk about nutrition and healthy eating. We’ve come to discover this idea, this concept, is much bigger than us, so we owe it the justice and effort it deserves.

It’s for the kids, man!

As always, take care of yourself and don’t forget to eat well.



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