Comfort in Uncertainty?

Live like others won’t, so you can live like others can’t.

Quite a bit of my life is, proverbially, up in the air at the moment. I’m doing my best to balance my multiple artistic projects, searching for a job and a place to live in a new city, paying down my personal debts, and doing my best to maintain my friendships and relationships while expanding my social media presence. Truth be told, there’s no real guarantees about where I will be or what I will be doing four or six months from now, let alone a year out. Who. The fuck. Knows. But for the most part, that is the life I want to lead, as an artist and a digital nomad. Perhaps I should be stressed out about all this, but I’m actually cool as a cucumber. I think it’s because I’ve got confidence in my purpose and somehow, I find comfort in the uncertainty.

I’m not just wasting time. I could easily sleep until noon or binge watch the best television on Netflix (in fact, I haven’t even seen the third season of OITNB yet). I could be a total waste case, but that’s not really my style. Instead, I’m up early, typically around 6:30 AM, and after a cup of coffee, I start in on “my work.” Typically writing, analyzing, or editing. I’ll work straight until 3 PM (maybe a quick stop for lunch) then I spend some time with my family in the afternoon and early evening, before returning to do a little more work before bed around 11 PM. Not that my work day or schedule is the paradigm of effective time use, but I suppose the important thing to take away is that I’m continuing to do what makes me happy. I’m working much harder and longer hours on my art than I would at a “regular job,” all with the hopes of somewhere down the line, making a little money for it.

I’m versatile. Although I collect a lot of things, I’ve learned that I actually require very little to live an enjoyable existence. I’ve lived in tiny dorm rooms, disgusting frat houses, working hostels, rundown townhouses and apartments in sketchy neighborhoods. I don’t have a bottomless appetite (I do drink plenty of beer though) and I tend to enjoy activities that don’t require a lot of money. I just bought a used car that I can sleep in, if I need to. It may not sound all that glamorous, but when I am able to enjoy myself with more financial ease, I will appreciate it all that much more.

I’m interested! While I’ve got the time, I’d love to help people with their own projects! And thanks to the internet, I can now connect with elementary, high school, college, and abroad friends to find out what interesting things they are up to (and how I can help), all from the convenience of a friend’s couch. This wondrous opportunity has allowed me to get involved with my projects, spanning across counties and continents. Game designers in San Francisco. Engineers in Berlin. Artists in Chile. Film Directors in Los Angeles. The opportunities are endless when you’ve got the time and the reach!

I’m gifted with great friends and family. None of my trials and tribulations would be possible if it wasn’t for the love and support of friends and family. I can’t count the number of times I’ve slept on aerobeds and couches, crashed in guest beds, and housesat for my friends, extending this adventure I’m on, one tiny bit further. It is my hope, with the success I may garner, that I can return the favor, in my own unique way. Paradise is best when shared with others. So thanks!

Watch out now! Next week, I’m launching my own podcast on the Mystery Tin Podcast Network, The Modern ArtrepreneurOn this show I will discuss a handful of my artistic endeavors and how I am working on generating a self-sustaining income. I’ll be posting more supplemental material on the blog, responding to the episodes and user feedback. Believe it or not, I’m actually quite nervous about the project but I think you’ll find it entertaining and educational.

So, friends, even if you find yourself jobless, essentially homeless, with a broken down car and a half-eaten bag of dry Top Ramen in your sleeping bag, suck it up and dust yourself off. You’re a winner, baby.

You’re a fucking winner.



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