All “Work” and No “Play”

When I get fired up about something, it’s hard to stop me. Unless, of course, it’s with something else that I should be equally or even more fired up about. That’s just the way I am. Creative momentum is by far my best tool when it comes to getting projects finished, but this can also be my greatest downfall… no shit, right? (So can we leave that discussion for another time? Gee, thanks MOM.)

This year I’ve been working on a number of PROJECTS that were at the top of my priority list at one time or another, but the good news is that they are beginning to wind up! My goal is to post more regularly on TheMysteryTin, including updates on all these projects:

Screenwriting. I’ve revised two of my previous screenplays: Love & Krylon and The Chessboard Killer ( and posted them on The Black List. They received mostly good reviews, but I was eager to get back into the story generation, so last week I started another feature length screenplay with the hopes of finishing it early this summer. (Spoiler alert: I’m going to submit one of these three to the Austin Film Festival later this month.)

I’ve been working on an App for a non-profit organization I am associated with. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to tell you too much about it other than the fact it is a cute mobile game and in the very early stages of development. I’m smart enough to know that I’ve pretty much hit the ceiling of my abilities on this one, so if you are interested in joining my app project, reach out to me, I’d love to get you involved. It’s for a great cause, I swear!

tumblr_njxtqpR0PS1rt7qgbo1_500Lacrosse season is in full swing at Calabasas High School so that’s been taking a majority of my energy and focus. We’re practicing and playing games five days a week, which requires creating practice plans for both teams (JV and Varsity), running the two hour practices or four-hour game days, and a cumulative daily commute time of around 2.5 hours. That’s right, I commute 125 miles per day. 625 miles per week. My car is on 195,000 miles. You do the math, how am I looking?

Regardless, I’m doing my best to use that commuting time productively, so I’ve jumped head first into the world of podcasts. I’ve been a longtime listener of Scriptnotes, but lately I’ve added the likes of Serial, Start Up, On The Page, The Tim Ferriss Show, Gamechanger Lacrosse and TedTalks with a handful of other single episodes on everything from Fidel Castro to cooking and extraterrestrials. Podcasting is a triumphant return to aural storytelling and it’s only getting bigger!

So I started thinking about my own experiences. I have my B.A. in Music. I produced music (and once a radio story hour) in college. I used to have a recording booth in my bedroom and when I was 19 years old I started a record label. I’m pretty sure I still have a few of my own mixing boards and cables, maybe even a microphone or two! It is totally within my wheelhouse to produce a podcast, I thought to myself. When I asked around about the idea of podcasts, I was surprised to hear that a few of my friends were also interested in podcasting. Sounded like the right time to step up my podcast game. MORE ON THIS SOON! (True story, this idea sparked long before I found out about the Start Up podcast. #justsaying)

On an artistic front, I’ve started assembling an art book. Now, now, before you rush to judgments, just hear me out, then feel free to think whatever you want. The book, still untitled, will be “the paper trail of an exploration through artistic media.” Photographs, writings, puzzles, sheet music, computer coding text, cartoons, and handwritten notes. An amalgam of creativity. I think it’s gonna turn out really cool!

tumblr_nkcdhfTT9k1rt7qgbo1_500And perhaps the most important area of my attention, I have been spending time working on my relationship. Being in a long-distance relationship is hard, requiring more work, commitments, and sacrifices than the average blossoming dating relationship. Texting and phone calls are critical and absolutely required. We both find ourselves driving up and down the state of California just to spend a few days and nights together. We calendar out the next weekend we get to see each other. It’s tough and emotionally trying at times. It won’t always be like this, summer is coming soon, but right now, as difficult as it may be, it’s completely worth it to me. I’m totally hooked on her.

So, with all these hot irons going, how do I find time to “play?”

I’m not really sure, but I manage somehow.



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