Nobody Likes Getting Robbed

Getting robbed sucks.

A couple months ago my car was broken into. They stole some cash, some clothes, and my Riptide Coaching lacrosse bag. It was extremely frustrating to have to jump through hoops in order to get my life back to its regular cruising speed. I had to get the windows replaced, ask Riptide for a new bag, replace my lost lacrosse equipment (which I still haven’t completely done yet) and replace the clothing that had been taken. It was a total bummer.

Atumblr_n9e6tsZRU71rt7qgbo1_500 couple weeks ago, it happened again. This time it wasn’t my car, but it was my girlfriend’s car. We were in San Francisco for the “Stern Grove Music Festival,” a free concert on Sunday afternoons. We were there to see Rufus Wainright. Yeah, that’s right, my man Rufus.

When we returned to the car, the passenger door was unlocked and the glovebox was open. Immediately we searched the car and only found a few menial things missing, nothing worth getting worked up about. It wasn’t until later that we discovered a few more important things were missing, including her wallet, her Third Eye Pinecone, and her Fitbit.

What happened next opened my eyes to commerce and the human condition.

We immediately kicked into damage control. The people who had stolen her wallet took it to Ono Korean BBQ (aka Fraud Central) where they were able to charge two meals without having their IDs checked. When I spoke to them on the phone, they said their policy is not to check identification when the purchase is under $25. Good thing they charged TWO meals that amounted to $35. I called three times, and to this day, the manager has not called me back to explain why this was able to happen. That’s a terrible business practice, in my opinion. Nevertheless, she was refunded the money. Apparently they took the card to a few other places, attempting to charge up to $2100. Dicks.

Unfortunately, we ran into the same problem when I reached out to Fitbit. Fitbit makes those tracking devices that tell you how much you walk, eat, etc. everyday. This, too, was stolen. When I called them, however, they completely blackballed me. They told me they no longer make the product my girlfriend had, so they no longer provide the services associated with it. While I can understand that from a business perspective, I struggle to understand the actuality of the situation: they sell a product that is DESIGNED to track people’s every step, yet they were not able to track the person who stole her Fitbit? After nearly half an hour (much of that on hold), the woman finally came back and told me there was nothing she could do for us and hung up on me. She never offered us any kind of condolence of any kind, monetary or otherwise. Is this the kind of company we want knowing everything about our daily lives? Is this a company we should support?

But Third Eye Pinecones restored my faith in humanity. I reached out to them, explaining the situation and how upset my girlfriend was that she had her beautiful necklace had been stolen. Immediately they responded back, expressing their sympathies and started working with me to right this wrong. After a number of e-mail exchanges, it became apparent that Third Eye Pinecones actually cared about us as customers. We’re all part of the same family, and we help each other out. So after some searching on their website, I found another necklace like the one that was stolen (only slightly bigger!) and purchased it. It arrived a few days later. That’s how you take care of people.

tumblr_n3ilgckNiQ1rt7qgbo1_500For those of us who choose to participate in society by working hard, spending time with our friends and family, and generally keeping an eye out for each other, being robbed can take the wind out of you. Why did this happen to me? I’m such a good person. But nothing hurts as much as reaching out for help in these times of need and being told to fuck off.

So I won’t be recommending Ono BBQ to anyone (I’m still debating hitting up Yelp!), and I certainly won’t be buying any Fitbit products in the future, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I wear my Third Eye Pinecone everyday and I recommend everybody check them out. They make beautiful, unique jewelry, but perhaps more importantly, they’re good people.

And to the dickbags who stole my girlfriend’s things, I hope you get hit by a car. A big one.



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