Dude, where the f**k have you been?

tumblr_n7xvdd8HQU1rt7qgbo1_500It’s been a while since I’ve posted to The Mystery Tin, but believe me, I’ve been writing. I finally finished “The Valentich Disappearance” and posted it on The Black List (more on that in upcoming posts), I’ve been laying out grand plans for writing and other art projects too. Oh yeah, did I mentioned I moved out of my apartment in San Francisco and into a cabin in the woods of Tahoe? Yeah, so I’m doing that.

The place I am living at in Tahoe has been in my family for 99 years. It’s old but it’s loved. It’s beginning to “show it’s age” around the edges, so outside of my writing, I am spending some time doing upkeep on the old house (and the guest house, where I live). Need to countersink the nails on the deck? No problem. We need to build a fence around the propane tank? I’m your man. Weeds getting out of control? Hand me the goddamn weed whacker.

It’s really been a trip to move out to the quiet wilderness of Tahoe. Instead of falling asleep to the white noise of San Francisco, I’m falling asleep to the running water of the Truckee River. The sky stays blue late into the day (like right now, it’s 9 PM and the sky is a cool light blue). When the sky does finally turn to black, the number of stars I can see is staggering. The solace is unbelievably refreshing. If I don’t want to talk to another human being, I don’t have to. Freedom.

tumblr_n7l876uBlT1rt7qgbo1_500I think my favorite part is the outdoor desk I made for myself. I took a mini-ping pong table and put a green, plastic covering on it, and that’s where I placed my typewriter and ashtray. Tonight I found myself sitting outside, long as the sun had gone down, listening to music and typing on my computer. It was one of the first nights where I truly felt I was just living on my own. I was enjoying my own existence for the first time in a long time.

I’ll do my best to make these posts daily (obviously this one won’t be read by anybody on July 1, as it’s 11:35 already), keeping it short and sweet while I provide a picture of what my experience is like. Life is different out here. It’s serene. It’s inspiring. And it’s worth sharing.




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