Birthdays, Embracing Fear, and The Back Tuck Challenge

tumblr_mv6txtZq6O1rt7qgbo1_500I was born on October 24, 1985. That makes me a Scorpio (see my previous post Zodiac Sign or the Myers-Briggs?) But much more importantly, this means I was born one week before Halloween. As a child, my birthdays nearly always involved Halloween in some way. We’d have birthday parties on Halloween because my friends and I could go trick-or-treating together in our neighborhood and after, they could spend the night! No school the next day! We’d eat candy and watch scary movies… those were the nights.

As I got older, Halloween lost it’s shimmer. Now that I wasn’t hungry at the possibility of infinite candy, I became less excited about the holiday and began associating it with my birthday less and less. I was more focused on spending the birthday doing something I wanted to do: watch scary movies.


Every year there are a handful of horror movies that come out during the Halloween season. I’m not a fan of horror movies per se, but I can appreciate one when I’m in the right mood. Sometimes you need to feel fear to remind yourself you can, you know? So I take my actual birthday off so I can return to my celebratory roots. I go to a daytime horror movie (and eat lots of candy) to remind myself I’m a human being and I’m never too old to be scared.

This year, however, I was required to attend a Sales and Marketing conference as well as assist in Circus Center’s Halloween Haunted Maze and Carnival Fundraiser. I learned a few tidbits of valuable information at the two days of conference, but I really had a great time putting together the Halloween Fundraiser. We have a scary maze and carnival games with a Circus Twist with all benefits going to the Youth Program. The Youth Circus performs and the Rising Stars put on a little show.


Participating on the adult side of the Halloween shenanigans is a fun evolution in life. You’re not trick-or-treating anymore, you’re giving the treats. The utter joy a child gets when offered a small piece of candy. It’s pure, unadulterated enjoyment. When it comes to haunted mazes, you play into that part of your life, imagining what you were scared of at that age. Last night, a little girl (dressed in a Corpse-bride-type dress) came screaming and crying out of the maze because it was too scary. Her mother walked in behind her, smiling and laughing. Why? It’s good for everybody to feel fear once in a while.

Fear is the difference between a front handspring and a back handspring. You are scared because you can’t see what’s behind you. It’s natural to be afraid of things like this, but in order to do a back tuck, I’m going to have to address this fear straight on. It’s time.

I tried it the first time on a crash pad. I landed on my feet but my weight was too far forward so I fell onto my hands. David, a friend standing nearby, pulled the pad away. Nothing but an open panel mat.

“Here we go, buddy.”

I could tell you what happened, but you can watch it, so here’s what happened… (According to the poll, 2/3 of you believed I’d land it on my first try.)

I guess the question now is… what do I want to accomplish by the end of 2013?



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