Rollercoasters and Cirque


With Ayla soon departing Circus Center and Eve performing in the Cirque Dreams show at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, we had run out of excuses… it was time for a day at the amusement park. I hadn’t been to an amusement park since “Senior Ditch Day” back at that Thacher, so I was definitely excited about a full day of fun.

Around 9:45 AM, we piled into the bus, had a few mimosas, and before we knew it our bus was driving circles around the Discovery Kingdom parking lot looking for a place to park. We arrived just in time to get in line for the 1:00 Cirque Dreams show, but not before a small group of us broke off for a quick ride on the Tasmanian Devil.

The cirque show was fun! Eve was great. The hand balancers were legit. The hoola-hoop girl hoola’d a ton of hoops. Oh yeah… did I mention dolphins?

After the show was over, Eve came out and grabbed a few of us for a “surprise.” Backstage, we got to meet some of the dolphins and they showed us a few tricks. Lu Yi loved it!

Big Kisstumblr_mowuj9iV7O1rt7qgbo1_500Xiaohong

Now it was time for the rollercoasters. I’ve been bungee jumping and hang gliding, but I always used to be scared of rollercoasters. This time, for some reason (probably being with my girlfriend or now working at the circus), I was somehow able to keep it together. Somewhat surprising, the lines weren’t that long so we managed to get on most of the rides; Medusa (2x), Superman, V2: Velocity, and Skyrazer (or whatever it was called). I had the obligatory Corn Dog and Dip N’ Dots.

It was a really fun day and I would highly recommend Cirque Dreams for anyone who likes fun…

If you don’t like fun, don’t go to Discovery Kingdom.



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